Winter Survival Guide: Write a Love Letter

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Last week, we talked about creating a winter survival guide, where we do a fun thing every week to get us through these dark days.

First up: Write a love letter. The twist? It doesnt have to be romanticyou could write one to your mom, a close friend, anyone you love.

So often Im hanging out with friends and looking across the table thinking how brilliant they are, and how their skin is glowing, and how hilarious it is when they work hashtags into regular conversation…but it doesnt always occur to me to actually say anything. Now that its winter, when everyone needs a pick-me-up, lets just tell each other.

Will you do it? Who will you write to?

The sort-of good news: Only eight weeks left until spring!

P.S. Six more fun challenges, if youre in the mood.
P.P.S. And while were at it, youre a good mama.

(Comic by Gemma Correll)


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