Whats Your Personality Type?

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If youre up for a distraction today, heres something fun:

First off, have you taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? (Heres mini version online, if youd like to.) The results can be so spot-on, its uncanny. Im an ENFJ personality, which basically means Im chatty and bad at spending time alone, and Alex is an INFP, meaning hes a deep thinker who can get lost in thought.

Well, this post about the definition of hell for each personality type made me laugh out loud. Is yours true? (Mine would actually be: You are stuck in a room by yourself for the rest of eternity. Kill. Me. Now.) And as long as were going down a rabbit hole, these quick descriptions of each personality are fascinating, and heres what each personality type does at a party.

Whats your personality type? Do these ring true for you?

P.S. What your name says about your personality.



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