Unexpected Confessions: 10 Guys Reveal Their Biggest Turn-Ons

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Most women think turning a guy on is relatively easy – just reveal some of that stunning cleavage and move like a feline, and he’s all yours. While that may be true in some cases, it would be a mistake to think that all guys fall for the same things. In fact, their turn-ons can be quite ‘ordinary’ and not at all related to sex. Well, at least not directly. Many guys have their own special turn-ons that can be funny, adorable and absolutely weird. Both men and women have things that really get them going and it’s not always about going to bed. There are more innocent, simpler things like a girl’s laugh, her intelligence and even modesty (yes, guys still think that’s attractive). Here are 10 unexpected confessions about men’s biggest turn-ons.

When she laughs at his jokes
It’s not always about being sexy and rocking a short skirt. Some guys just like to hear a girl laugh at their jokes! Girls just look so coy and playful when they look up at guys, still smiling, with a wicked sparkle in their eyes. It’s super exciting and guys confess that it can be a major turn-on. Playfulness is the key!

The bathroom smell after his girl takes a shower
And we mean it in a totally non-gross way! One guy confessed that the bathroom smell after his girl took a shower just made his heart beat faster. While he himself thought it might be a bit weird, it’s not at all that surprising if you come to think of it. Girls tend to use some really nice-smelling shower products, and that very personal scent is immediately recognized by a man as the one belonging to his woman. Human beings have a lot of senses – why shouldn’t smell be arousing? Thinking a smell is ‘hot’ is just as normal as admiring a girl’s neckline!

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