These 10 Genius Weight Loss Hacks Make It Ridiculously Easy to Meet Your Goals

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These 10 Genius Weight Loss Hacks Make It Ridiculously Easy to Meet Your Goals

One of the best things about the holiday season is FOOD. All those cakes, cookies, chocolates, drinks …; I look forward to it every year. But it is also one of the worst aspects of the holidays, because it usually results in a gain of around 10 pounds on the scale! Ouch. And then I need to scramble to lose it all in time for beach season.

I’m usually not entirely successful. All too often, I rely on various flushes and cleanses like these detox water recipes, and they just don’t do the trick long-term, even if they help in the short-term.

I’ve searched authority sites (see a great list here) for solutions, but I tend to get intimidated trying to read through everything.

I then head to YouTube where I usually see a lot of really dumb suggestions that could never work in real life.

But not this time! This time I found a video chock full of common sense, down-to-earth weight loss hacks.

Just because something is common sense doesn’t mean we don’t need to be reminded! I mean, a lot of this is stuff we should know — stay hydrated, get more rest, cut out sugars and starches, and so on — but there is a reason most of us cannot seem to lose weight: we forget this stuff!

I think the other factor is just that we do not necessarily want to remember. Videos like this remind us that losing weight and keeping it off is actually a lot of hard work.

But you know what? YouTube needs more videos like this.

You have to stick with the changes you make, but if you follow through, you should reach your goal weight a lot faster this year — and you should be able to maintain your weight throughout 2017!


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