The Best Bread Pudding Recipe Ever

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If youre looking for simple dessert recipes, pause right here. Imagine the creamy richness of buttery bread pudding, laced with cinnamon and brown sugar. Did I mention homemade caramel topping?

Stacey at Southern Bite shared this recipe for a bread pudding that she says blew her mind. She was not a fan of this kind of dessert until she tasted it. She promises its worth the extra time at the gym. Im inclined to believe her after reading it and seeing the photos. (Its a good thing the Internet doesnt have smell-o-vision yet. I dont want to have to wipe drool off my keyboard.) The recipe isnt hard to follow and only uses 8 ingredients. It could be a delicious addition to any holiday menu. Torture yourself with a scrumptious new dessert recipe when you click the link below.


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