Man Creates Crowdfunding Page For A 20 Piece McNugget Meal

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With the ever growing popularity of crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe, more and more people are launching campaigns to raise funds for a variety of causes and projects. However, some people believe that certain individuals are taking advantage of others generosity. One such person has launched a campaign of their own in protest, with the sole aim of buying a 20pc McNugget Meal for them and friends.

Michael Panik, a student at Jacksonville State University, set up the campaign in the hopes of raising awareness and educating people on the merits of crowdfunding. After discussing the idea with a friend they settled on the idea of setting up a GoFundMe page to buy a McDonalds meal.

A friend and mine were talking about all the ridiculous GoFundMe campaigns weve seen recently, basically people just asking for money to buy personal stuff, new equipment, software, Panik said. Its pretty rude, honestly-just begging for money for things you want or need, that ultimately arent super expensive, and arent true necessities.

The $10 campaign was successful in just a few hours when a donor by the name of Michael Brown donated all of the money that Panik was asking for. The student is now hoping that the page will have caused people to think about what they are asking for in the future, saying: Id love to see more people find this, and realize that maybe, if you want something, you should spend less time asking people for money, and going out there, working, and getting it for yourself.