How to Create This Stunning Wreath Easily from Dollar Store Supplies

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How to Create This Stunning Wreath Easily from Dollar Store Supplies! Probably the most frugal Christmas decorating project!

You know you have to have a wreath on your door for Christmas. This lady has made it so simple, and so cheap to get a gorgeous wreath the DIY way. She strings inexpensive Dollar Store ornaments onto a hanger, and creates stunning wreaths that will surely impress the neighbors. This would go perfectly with your rustic Christmas decor!

Tools and Materials:

  • Wire coat hanger
  • Dollar Store Christmas ornaments
  • Ribbon

Tutorial Video

You can use the plastic or non-breakable ornaments and then you just need a coat hanger and wire ribbon. You need about 50 or so ornaments and then ribbon for hanging. This is such a beautiful wreath and so cheap! Just string the ornament balls through the coat hanger once youve unbent the hanger, of course, and then bend it into a wreath form. The ornaments just slip onto the hangers metal and then when you bend it into shape you have a beautiful wreath. Dont you just love cheap Christmas hacks?

Imagine the possibilities! You could do these in any color you wanted and use any combination of ornaments, as long as theyre around the same size. She makes it look so easy. The video takes just a few minutes to watch and youll be creating gorgeous wreaths in no time and for about half the cost of buying them already made.

Video tutorial by AjsCraftroom.


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