85 Insanely Clever Organizing and Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home

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85 Insanely Clever Organizing and Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home - (Easy to implement organizing solutions for every room in your home)

How do you organize all those bits and bobs you have lying around the house? Theres always the option of buying a thousand plastic storage totes, but maybe you dont have to. Maybe you already have what you need right at home. In fact, some of the disorganized items you have strewn around right now could be exactly what you need to corral the rest of the chaos. Check out these 85 clever organizing hacks to get all your stuff in order!

Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is another room in the house where you have a lot of small items that can be tough to keep in order. Spice jars, partially eaten bags of food, plastic bags, dishware … all of it can be so hard to keep organized and neat! Try these hacks to give your kitchen a total makeover.

Tack your plastic bags to the inside of your pantry.

Tack your plastic bags to the inside of your pantry.I hate rifling through my drawers and cabinets trying to grab a plastic bag when I need one. Here is a simple solution. Just tack the box with the plastic bags in it right to the inside of the pantry door. With the flaps the way they are, this is actually extremely easy, and it keeps the bags on hand when you need them.

Bring out those magazine holders again!

Bring out those magazine holders again!My next thought after I found the solution for storing plastic bags was, Cant I just do that with my plastic wrap boxes too? And then I remembered why that doesnt work. Obviously you need the lid to help you cut the plastic wrap (or tin foil, etc.). Then I ran right into this genius storage solution. Its time to bring out the magazine racks again! They are useful in the kitchen!

… And they are perfect for your cutting boards as well:

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Chicaandjo

Make a tea tin with dividers.

Make a tea tin with dividers.Love your teas, but hate trying to find them when you have a dozen different types? One easy way to get them all organized and take up a lot less space is to make a tea tin with helpful dividers. You can toss all those bags and boxes where you are storing all your tea bags separately, and just keep them all in one tidy place. If you think you need more space than this, just start with a bigger container. Add the dividers, and even label them if you like! Its pretty, crafty, fun, and will free up room in your kitchen cabinet.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Hi-and-hello

Keep your veggies in a drawer.

Keep your veggies in a drawer.This one might seem obvious, but then again, if you are like me, you just leave all your vegetables rolling around on your countertop, and then wonder what happened to that onion or garlic you bought for your stew or soup. You can corral your veggies in a drawer to keep them out of the way and organized. It prevents them from getting wet or rolling away. I love the way this person did it! The baskets are very cute!

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Apartmenttherapy

Install tension rods.

Tension rods are totally awesome. Check out this solution for storing spray bottles.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Madefrompinterest

You get to free up all that space on the bottom of your cabinet, and the tension rod lets you line up your spray bottles neatly. You can find what you need instantly, and you no longer have to shuffle everything around just to get it out and use it. Putting it back is just as easy.

Install tension rods.
This isnt the only great way to use tension rods either. You can also set up tension rods vertically to help keep plates, frying pans, and other items in line. If you experiment, you will probably come up with even more great ideas for using tension rods in the kitchen and all around the house.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Goodhousekeeping

Use a pegboard organizer in your drawers.

31-pegboardThis pegboard drawer organizer uses a similar principle. While you may not be able to find this accessory for sale, it does not look like a terribly difficult DIY project.

Photo/DIY Instructions and Project Source: Houzz

Store your K-Cups in an egg carton.

Store your K-Cups in an egg carton.Home coffee machines are awesome, but those little K-Cup things can be such a hassle to store neatly, especially since you probably have a whole ton of them on hand at any time. What do you know thoughthey actually fit perfectly inside of egg carton compartments! This is a wonderful way to save space while storing K-Cups and keep your K-Cups organized by flavor. You can see the labels on top so you find what you are looking for straight away.

Tip: Egg cartons are amazing! If you follow the source link below, you will find a lot of other clever uses for them! They are great for storing jewelry, craft supplies, nuts and bolts, office supplies, and so much more.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Thejoyfulorganizer

Make your own chip clips.

Make your own chip clips.You know those hangars that are designed for pants and skirts in your closet? If you have some extra ones lying around, and you could use more chip clips for your kitchen, then try repurposing some of those hangars into chip clips. It is really easy. You just need the clip parts! Cut off the rest and you are good to go. Each hangar gives you two new chip clips.

… Or repurpose an old plastic bottle

Plastic bottle storageHere is another clever idea I never would have thought of. If you have an old plastic bottle, cut off the neck where it connects to the cap. You can pull a bag through it like so:

After you do the first step, you can fold the bag over and then add the cap. Yeah, you could just use one of those plastic twist-ties, but this idea is just so much more fun.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Diyncrafts

Organize cookie cutters with a paper towel rack.

Organize cookie cutters with a paper towel rack.Paper towel racks are useful for far more than just paper towel. If you want to keep your cookie cutters in place, just stack them over the top of it. This is another of those solutions where you will probably think of a ton of other applications once you start using it.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Bhg

Get a rotating food tray.

Get a rotating food tray.A rotating tray for your fridge isnt something you will conveniently have on hand, but it is definitely a cool thing to buy for your kitchen! If you hate reaching in the back of your fridge to grab bottles, knocking over half a dozen others in the process, then this item is for you.

Label ingredients with chalkboard paint.

Label ingredients with chalkboard paint.Chalkboard paint is absolutely amazing stuff to use all around the house, and is particularly perfect for kitchen organization. You can label the tops of ingredients jars and store them upright in a drawer. This is ideal for nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, and so on. It makes it possible to see at a glance what is inside your containers, without having to have them be visible from the side.

Tip: Another great use for chalkboard paint in your kitchen is to organize your ideas, not just your stuff! You can paint a free wall or the side of a cabinet with chalkboard paint, and then write your recipes and grocery lists up there.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Etsy

Organize Your Clothing

Certain types of clothing just create chaos in the closet. Im talking about socks, underwear, scarves, hats, and other small items that love to get mixed together. Here are some amazing ideas for keeping them sorted.

Organize your scarves with shower curtain rings.

Organize your scarves with shower curtain rings.Towel bars and shower curtain rings turn out to have many more applications than you might guess! Keeping scarves organized is such a hassle! They love to bunch up everywhere, and its hard not to just strew them wherever. Hangars really dont work all that well to keep them in place. Plus, hangars are a bulky solution for a problem that requires something more elegant. This system with the towel bars and shower curtain rings is genius!

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Pinterest

Make your own tie holder.

Make your own tie holder.Here is an old coke crate repurposed as a tie holder. It does a wonderful job keeping the ties organized, and on top of that, it looks really cute, especially if you are into the rustic look. This would also work really well to store socks, underwear, stockings, or anything else small. You can see that there are a few belts in here as well.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Rainonatinroof

Organize underwear in PVC pipes.

Organize underwear in PVC pipes.Remember the PVC pipe earlier for storing your hairdryer? As it turns out, PVC pipes are also quite useful in your closet. If you are looking for a fun way to store underwear, youve found it. These pies have all been painted different colors for a nice effect, and have been stacked next to each other so that a couple pairs of underwear can be stored inside of each. There is a full tutorial to teach you how to do it yourself. What I like about this idea (aside from it being adorable) is that it looks like it would take up too much space in your drawer, but it actually frees up space. You can see where everything is instantly, and you can grab what you need without disturbing the rest of the drawer.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Infarrantlycreative

Use a letter organizer for your flip flops and sandals.

Use a letter organizer for your flip flops and sandals.If you have flip flops and sandals strewn all over the floor of your closet, here is a super simple solution: just store them inside a letter organizer. This is similar to the idea from earlier where you stored hair supplies in a magazine organizer. In fact, that would be a nice alternative, but this works best because it makes your shoes easy to grab. You can also store a lot of them this way with no problem. Very cool!

Time to bring out the corkboard again!

Time to bring out the corkboard again!Earlier I showed you how you could cover corkboard in fabric and use it to store your necklaces and other loose, dangly jewelry. Corkboard is handy in the closet as well, where you can use it to store belts, ties, hats, and more. You can even affix little wire shelves onto the corkboard, as you see here. The wire shelves are very lightweight, and you can use them to hold all kinds of little odds and ends.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Lookiewhatidid

Stop your clothes from falling off your hangars.

Stop your clothes from falling off your hangars.I dont know about you, but it totally drives me crazy when my clothes fall off my hangars. I will never understand why hangars are designed the way they are! Whether you get the plastic ones or the wire ones, your clothes just slip right off. And if your closet is as packed as mine, things can get lost in there for a long time before surfacing again to see the light of day.

Who knew that was so easy to prevent? No, you dont have to go out and buy special hangars, and this solution looks like it might potentially work even better than those ones designed for the purpose. All you have to do is attach pipe cleaners at the ends of the hangars! They provide the friction you need to keep your clothing in place, but they dont provide so much that its hard to put your clothes on the hangars in the first place. Amazingly simple solution!

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Inmyownstyle

Store your shoes the easy way.

Store your shoes the easy way.This may be one of the smartest closet storage hacks I have ever seen. Just cut the tops off of old plastic soda bottles and use them to store your shoes. The shape of the bottle perfectly fits the tips of your shoes. So cool!

Organize Your Cords

Yes, organizing your cords gets an entire section, because cords are that much of a pain! Technology is awesome, but nothing is more unsightly than a dozen cords going a dozen directionsplus they can be a hazard while theyre plugged in. And what about cords you have in storage or cords youre moving? Its so easy to mix them up. These clever organizing hacks will help you to keep them straight.

Create a DIY cable box.

37-cordsIf you are looking for a way to store cables while you are not using them and remember which cable does what, then this DIY cable box is a great tutorial! This container not only does the job neatly, but its actually pretty to look at.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Darkroomanddearly

Put your cords inside toilet paper tubes.

TP roll cord organizingThis works well as a general storage solution for un-used cords, and is also great if you are transporting cords for a move. Its almost effortless! You just stuff the rolled up cords inside toilet paper tubes and label them. These ones have been decorated with washi tape so that they are nicer to look at.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Onegoodthingbyjillee



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