70 Great Tips (“let’s just not call them hacks”) To Improve Your Car

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Is your car a mess? I don’t mean just road dirt. Maybe your cup holders and upholstery are grimy, maybe you’re tired of the mess in your trunk, maybe those scratches on the doors just get you all steamed up. Don’t despair! You don’t need to pay a detailer big bucks to clean it up.

The folks at CheapCarInsurance.net are acting like they want to save you money on more than just your insurance. They posted this useful list of inexpensive hacks tips for your vehicle. There are ideas for how to clean upholstery with simple ingredients, how to organize the odds and ends that accumulate inside, and even how to put a shine on the finish without waxing. You’ll also see smart ways to deal with winter’s challenges, like frozen door locks. See this massive lineup of car hacks tips when you click the link below.



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