3 Delicious Fruits that Grow in Pots!

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Berries on cereal, berries in cream, berries on top of frozen desserts, berries cascading down the side of a delicious cheesecake – all of these are SO much better when they’re fresh! How much more satisfying is a fresh fruit than a mushy frozen one or the ones you bought last week that look bruised – or worse – have molded. No one has to live this way – with the disappointment of a less than average fruit topping.

Stacey Hiravela at Rodale’s Organic Life details just how to grow three delicious fruits and berries organically in a container or pot. So, then, as a bonus, you get beautiful plants with pesticide free fresh fruit! Strawberries, blueberries, and even fig trees can beautify your outdoor or indoor space and yield delicious treats come Spring. Just think about how jealous friends and visitors will be of that fig tree! To learn how to grow them, just click the link below and read the instructions!



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