24 Surprising Things Your Microwave Can Do

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If you have a microwave, you have a multi-purpose tool that can do a lot more than just warm up last night’s leftovers. No matter how small and simple your microwave is, you can use it for a surprising number of tasks.

JC at livingino.com shared this collection of twenty-four amazing things your microwave can do. Even more than cooking, it can prepare food for long-term storage. Use it to help you clean, take care of your health, and even keep your plants disease-free. But wait, there’s more! Philatelists may already know about the trick that helps expand their stamp collection. Potato chip lovers will be grateful for another tip here. Penny-pinchers will love using it to get every drop out of the honey bottle. Discover how to make your microwave do surprising things when you click the link below.



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