15 Fantastic Rubber Band Hacks

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You don’t need to buy expensive, one-trick products to solve simple problems around the house. Oftentimes all you need is a little imagination and some rubber bands. (I think I’m going to go buy a box with assorted sizes right now. They’re cheap, after all.)

Donella Crigger at OneCrazyHouse.com is a busy mom who’s always looking for cheap and easy ways to save time. In this post, she provides you with fifteen hacks for using rubber bands around your home, on vacation, and in your car. From stopping clothing malfunctions to preventing mishaps, it’s amazing to see how many little problems they can solve. They even help out in the kitchen and with the kids. After seeing all these ideas you’ll probably come up with even more on your own. Discover how rubber bands can make your life easier when you click the link below.



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