10 Ways to Tell if your Cat Has Fleas

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Cats are such subtle and mysterious creatures that when they suffer from fleas the signs arent as obvious as they would be with a scratchy, paw thumping dog. Cats riddled with fleas may seem to have picked up new habits, or even to have gone crazy, and unless you recognize these signs for what they are, poor Kitty might be needlessly in misery for weeks.

CatChannels Rebecca Sweat goes over the 10 most common signs of fleas to recognize in cats. From excessive licking to strange spots on their bedding, these signs, and your knowledge of them can be the first step in preventing the itching, maddening effects of feline flea infestation. Make Kittys life saner, happier, and more comfortable by familiarizing yourself with what to look for at the link below.



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