10 Most Common Ways Youre Probably Snacking Wrong Every Day

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Snack or food eating between meal is most common food for all those who work long time in the office. And also this is a good way to boost your energy when you are in need. But if you choose the wrong snack foods you could end up with even worse hunger pangs and less energy than you started with. So for that reason we think that it is good to know what snacks you should choose for the best energy full day. Take a look below.

1.Instead of candy, eat unsalted nuts

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2.Instead of potato chips, eat air-popped popcorn with parmesan cheese

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3. Instead of diet soda, opt for sparkling water with actual food (like fruit)

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4.Instead of dried fruit, eat real fruit with low-fat cheese

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5. Instead of leftover Chinese food, eat brown-rice sushi

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6.Instead of fruit-flavored yogurt, eat low-fat Greek yogurt with honey

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7.Instead of fruit juice, eat real fruit with low-fat cheese

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8.Instead of rice cakes, eat whole-grain toast with avocado

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9.Instead of cupcakes, eat a whole-grain English muffin with nut butter

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10.Instead of a water-based smoothie, drink a thicker one made with yogurt

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source Via cosmopolitan.com


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